Here at the Player's Plug we strive for excellence in everything we do. From the Players we recruit to the content we produce. We want to bring you our best. Starting as a small company we wanted to become a driving force in the Esports industry and started by creating a competitive platform for players to come and play for CASH and PRIZES. This allowed us access to top tier players for recruitment and with one of our members in RLRS we are looking to secure a spot in the upcoming RLCS!

          Be sure to follow us on Instagram @tpp.esports for latest news, giveaways, tournament highlights and soo much more! Make sure to turn on post notification for when we go live we like to do surprise giveaways!


          Come and check out one of our weekly tournaments for YOUR chance to win FREE CREDITS every TUESDAY and FRIDAY we host FREE ENTRY tournaments with up to 1,000 CREDIT PRIZES!! These tournaments are open to ALL ranks and always FREE. On SATURDAY and SUNDAY we will be launching Rank enforced CREDIT POOL tournaments, 500 CREDIT ENTRY per team 4,000 CREDIT PRZE!!

          The tournaments consist of 8 teams from each rank bracket. Click HERE to register for anyone one of our competitive tournaments. See how you face up against the best in your brackets or the best in the game, and have a chance to catch yourself LIVE STREAMED on TWITCH: @theplayersplug. make sure to drop us a follow so you know when were live!

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