About Us

The Player's Plug was designed to be a one stop shop for gamers. As we grow, so will our marketplace. We at The Player's Plug are avid gamers ourselves and love to partner up with other upcoming and pro-gamers. Currently our focus is on our apparel line as we work to provide gamers with clothing and accessories that relate to them, as well as feature some exclusive designs from our amazing design team. But, we are expanding into the tournament world and will be hosting FREE and CASH tournaments, as well as building our very own eSports team. You can get more info on all of those by going to @tpp.clan on instagram!
Our design staff consists of several artists all over the world that are working to provide you, and gamers like you with the most comfortable, stylish and relevant gaming apparel on the market! We are also always looking for new designers and would love to team up with community artists. So, if you want to bring to life some of your very own designs and have the chance to make money off your ideas, then feel free to contact us! Please submit all designs to theplayersplug@gmail.com with the subject line "DESIGN". Must include your name, and any social media accounts you wish to be mentioned when your design goes live.
We also offer sponsorship for semi-pro and pro-gamers. Please email theplayersplug@gmail.com with the subject line "SPONSORSHIP" for any questions or concerns you may have. And lastly, don't forget to game on!
- The crew here at The Player's Plug
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