Tournament FAQ

Q. Where do I register for Rocket League Tournaments?

   (A) Register here

Q. How do I find my Rocket League tournament?

   (A) To find tournaments open Rocket League go to Play>Tournaments>Find Tournament>Choose (1v1,2v2,or 3v3) tab and search for tournament name that you received in your confirmation email.

Q. What time zone are the tournaments hosted on?

   (A) All tournaments times are in US-Eastern Time Zone. 

Q. How do we receive our prize after winning?

   (A) After tournament please dm @tpp.esports on Instagram with proof of winning. Prizes may take up to 48 hours for delivery. (TPP moderators watch tournament finals to verify winners.)

Q. I’ve booked but how do I register for the tournament?

   (A) Once booked you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to register. Please check your junk or spam inbox. Rocket league only allows in-game registration 15 minutes prior to tournament start time. Be sure to be partied up with the correct number of players for the tournament you wish to join. Free tournaments have limited spots available so make sure to be early!

Q. It won’t let me register my team for the Rocket League tournament?

   (A) Please verify all party members are within the rank restrictions set for the tournament. Also you must be in a Rocket League party and your party size must match the tournament size. (Example: if you have 2 people in your party while trying to sign up for 1v1 it won’t allow it and vice versa, for a 2v2 you must have 2 members in your party.)

Q. What if I lose connection or lag out in a free tournament?

   (A) For our FREE tournaments we offer no consolations or replays if you lose connection or lag out.

Q. What if I lose connection, have server maintenance, or can’t join in a cash entry tournament?

   (A) Our cash entry tournaments will be closely monitored and if there is an issue with server maintenance we will finish out the bracket in private matches. (Quitting early or lag will not result in a replay.) If for some reason you cannot join to compete at all, you are subject to a refund with proper evidence.


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